Company founded in 1 July 2020


Business core

The purpose of the activity is to offer a range of services to diagnostic consultants (plurilingual), provide support to families, psychotherapy and learning support to students at all school levels. Another area of activity involves the implementation of services in collaboration with institutions and local bodies in order to help raise awareness and apply good practices in the learning sector and in multilateral contexts and promote learning programmes for schools and professionals in the health support sector. The service is also targeted to Third Sector organisations (e.g. communities for minors) through collaborations with social and educational groups. The organisation’s expertise is also at the basis of an online e-commerce platform specialising in learning processes, bilingualism, and tools to support learning in multicultural classes. The platform allows to sell publications (e.g. assessment, teaching, and intervention tools) and remote training activities (webinars, e-learning modules) for professionals, teachers and operators of services and institutions.

Reference industrial sector

ALADIN is a social cooperative that operates in the Third Sector. In particular, it offers learning, counselling/supporting and planning activities and assistance to public bodies and institutions as well as services targeted to diagnostic consultants and to support families. Additionally, it is open to collaborating with third parties (associations, cooperatives, communities, etc.) in order to make the services offered by the cooperative accessible to users in disadvantaged social and economic contexts.

Products and/or services

What: services for individuals in relation to learning psychology in mono and plurilinguism conditions and in support of individual, parental, and family psychological wellness

To Whom: Families, children, young adults; institutions and local bodies, professional figures (psychologists, speech therapists, operators) and teachers.


1) Psychological Consulting Services:

  • Psychodiagnostic assessment of learning and neuro-development disorders (cognitive, linguistic and learning assessment);
  • Linguistic assessments in bilingual contexts;
  • Psychotherapy (individual, couple, group counselling);
  • Tutoring services for study activities (improving linguistic, reading, writing, and calculation basic skills and competences, improving metacognitive strategies and learning methods);
  • Home support (after-school and homework support service).

2) Training:

  • Training for professionals (bilingualism, learning disorders);
  • Training for teachers (accessible with teacher coupon): teaching methods to improve basic skills for the early years stage, bilingualism, specific learning disorders;
  • Training for parents (teaching practices, home activities to improve linguistical and cognitive functions);
  • Webinars (remote training).

3) Planning:

  • Early identification projects for early years stage/primary school (systematic observation, intervention, and dynamic assessment activities);
  • Learning method projects for secondary schools (activities to improve understanding of texts, metacognitive strategies);
  • Study support projects for communities (study support for users in educational communities).

Registered office and headquarter

Registered office: Via G. Amendola 1/B – 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)

Headquarter: Via C. Ranzani 14 – 40127 Bologna


Tel. 351/7848948