SUGAR Network

  • What it is

    A programme that develops innovative ideas using Design Thinking •

  • Who it’s for

    Second cycle or single-cycle students, organizations

  • What it’s for

    Identifying solutions to the challenges launched by companies

  • When

    Candidatures open from July, the project runs from October to June


This international Open Innovation programme was launched by Stanford University. It is the largest global network of universities, businesses and world organisations, working together on the future of innovation to create new solutions with a real impact on society and people.

The participants identify innovative solutions to challenges and problems launched by businesses from around the world. The teams cooperate closely with international partners and present the solutions at the final event organised in Silicon Valley before hundreds of businesses, universities and investors. During the project, the students learn and use Design Thinking, an innovative approach that places people in the centre of all phases of the design and developmental process. 
Human-centred design is based on research into needs, benchmarking, brainstorming, iterative prototyping and user testing. In this way, the students learn a practical approach, learning by doing according to people's needs and exploring a wide range of ideas and solutions. Using different design thinking tools and techniques, the students develop a detailed design solution that integrates needs, sustainability and feasibility.

If you look at a problem as a challenge, if you think that creativity doesn’t just mean inventing new things but also finding truly innovative, useful solutions to that problem, if you find it stimulating to prototype the identified solution to test its real effectiveness, you are the right person for the SUGAR programme!

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