Rimini Innovation Square

  • What it is

    A project promoting innovative businesses in Rimini

  • Who it’s for

    Students, start-uppers, entrepreneurs, researchers, makers

  • What it’s for

    Offering space for connecting business ideas & opportunities

  • When

    The initiatives are run on various times during the year

The Rimini Innovation Square connects all the members of the innovation ecosystem in Rimini in a single place, fostering the growth of anyone wishing to develop innovative business projects and contribute to the innovation of the whole territorial system, in harmony with social well-being and development.

Students, Start-uppers, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and makers wanting to develop business projects and work in the world of innovation can join the community. 

The Innovation Square community has a wide network of competences and strategic partners in the economic, social, professional, university and association worlds, as well as its own know-how in the various fields it has been working in for years: welfare, mobility, tourism, urban renewal, culture and territory, innovation and business. It runs events, workshops, training courses and provides services for the innovative growth of the local area and business ideas.

How to take part: consult the events for specific indications on each initiative