Innovate by doing

  • What it is

    Is an activity in useful Italian (3 credits) for the world of work

  • Who it’s for


  • What it’s for

    Supporting the passage from concept to project to prototype

  • When

    Follow the course at the times indicated in the course unit programme

It integrates the study programme with useful skills for the world of work. Delivered in the Italian language, the course is worth 3 credits. It is held in the ALMALABOR Co-working and Maker-spaces.
It develops forms of informal learning, where the participants learn by doing, with a practical orientation to innovation, stimulating personal skills, problem-solving and group working skills, providing the conceptual and operational skills required to take the concept through the design phase and on to the physical creation of the prototype.

To take part, include the activity in your study plan.

Consult the programme details