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  • What is it

    A form for submitting your application to take part as an expert

  • Who it’s for

    Teachers and researchers, businesses

  • What it’s for

    Proposing your services to run activities or take part as a supervisor

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    You may complete the form at any time

Being able to identify opportunities, the spirit of innovation, creative thought, planning, problem solving and the ability to act are skills that, whether or not you wish to put them to use in creating a business, can foster a pro-active attitude to identifying the best opportunities. 

You can contribute as a teacher, researcher or entrepreneur to disseminating these fundamental elements. You can put your competences at the disposal of students, supporting them in developing a business.

Send us your application to run activities, take part as a supervisor or expert in the various events and initiatives.

You could take part:

  • as a supervisor in a workshop or speaker for an inspirational talk
  • as a mentor
  • as a tutor in the Open innovation programmes
  • as a testimonial for business paths

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We will contact you to identify the best project or activity in line with your field of intervention.