Coworking@Basement Club

  • What it is

    Business workshop and co-working facility creating opportunities

  • Who it’s for


  • What it’s for

    Sharing projects, experimenting and put yourself to the test

  • When

    Opportunities all year round

Coworking@Basement Club is a space on the Forlì Campus where students can develop an approach to entrepreneurship, increasing their transferable skills to enhance the educational and professional baggage they need to make the best professional choices.

The Basement club was founded to create professional opportunities for students, fostering their motivation and involving them in the world of work. Basement offers a concrete response to the need to revitalise the cooperation between the University and the Business World, promoting experiences with high educational value through projects, interactive workshops, internships and field projects. Students are given the chance to enhance their own competences and enrich their curriculum. Partner companies are given the opportunity to be involved in innovative educational experiments, assessing the students both during the projects and subsequently, if there are recruitment opportunities.

These possibilities allow you to develop your potential and approach the world of work with real, concrete cases, where you can put your studies into practice.

You can apply according to the opportunity you’re looking for