Coopstartup Romagna

  • What is it

    For the creation and development of cooperatives with innovative ideas

  • Who it’s for

    Teams, new cooperatives meeting the requirements laid down in the call

  • What it’s for

    Providing training, tutoring and acceleration for new cooperatives

  • When

    The call for applications is usually open from May to October

Coopstartup Romagna aims to create cooperatives from innovative business ideas and develop innovative projects for established cooperatives.

The fields of activity include: Health, Agri-food, Green energy, Green transport, Environment, Social inclusion, Cultural and creative industries, Tourism promotion and enhancement

The project is open to:

  • groups of at least three people with an innovative cooperative business idea in one of the three provinces involved in the project
  • New cooperatives in one of the three provinces involved in the project, with an innovative project to develop.

 Consult the information on the Coopstartup Romagna website