Call for spin-off project

  • What is it

    A call for projects enhancing market research activities

  • Who it’s for

    Teachers, researchers, research fellows, PhD students

  • What it’s for

    Providing training, contributions and support for business creation

  • When

    The call is published between December and February

The programme selects projects deriving from research activities conducted at the University with potential impact on the market, to be enhanced through a business development programme.

In particular, the groups winning the call will:

  • have a research fellowship
  • have the possibility to access the prototyping and co-working spaces (ALMALABOR), free of charge

They will also have access to training programmes and pre-incubation services provided by the University to support business start-ups, which for organisational reasons must necessarily be limited to a maximum number of participants, and to the networking days and the Start-up Day, the first opportunity to present the projects.

To take part, submit an application within the deadline specified in the call.