Call for Business Plan

  • What it is

    A programme for developing a sustainable market for mature projects

  • Who it’s for

    Teachers, permanent researchers and fixed-term assistant professors

  • What it’s for

    Offering funding to cover the costs of business development

  • When

    Sept/ Oct

The programme offers business development training, support services and initiatives to promote the return to society of the investments made in research activities, creating jobs and added value in the reference economic context.

The selected projects are awarded with funding, which can be used to cover costs for the development of the entrepreneurial project before the market access.

The call is also an opportunity for laying the foundations for creating your own networking with a view to business growth.

Participation as applicant is open to Teachers and and Researchers of Bologna University. The project team may include also research fellows, PhD students, students and/or people/organisations from outside the University.

To apply click here and follow the istructions.

Please read carefully the Call and the information on the Intranet page.