Become a mentor

Experience serving innovation

Mentors play a key role in supporting students working to create and develop business projects. 

Mentors are able to put their own business experience at your disposal (in sectors such as management, marketing, branding, business development strategy and product development), and can also be a reference for specific fields of interest to your business project.

They will have the opportunity to interact with enthusiastic students with a great sense of innovation, who want to talk, listen and obtain ideas from successful - or unsuccessful - cases, to develop their idea while reducing risks and exploiting opportunities.

Mentoring activities

The mentor will:

  • help to define the business development path 
  • improve the students’ competences
  • propose a reference model for learning how to overcome the challenges
  • support and encourage the students to take professional choices, analysing their own information (strengths, interests and intentions) and the context to work in when starting a business.

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