PDAI - Validation tools: Interview/Surveys

Understanding people’s choices and behaviour and assessing the effectiveness of the solution we offer: this is what we will find out how to do in this meeting. For start-ups selected at the Start-up Day and for students.

  • Date: 29 SEPTEMBER 2021  from 11:00 to 12:00

  • Type: Business development

The meeting is held by Eleonora Musca

Understanding people’s choices and behaviours is the first step to identifying their needs and designing ideas that can meet them. How can we know what these needs are? How can I be sure that what I think is the solution to their problems is actually the right one? In this meeting, we will learn to build elements for validating our ideas, answering our doubts and... discovering new demands!

The meeting is part of the PDAI-Programma di Accensione Imprenditoriale - Business Start-Up Programme 2021. See all the other meetings.

Who it’s for

The meeting is open to students and winners and participants in the last edition of the StartUp Day.

How to apply

Free admission, subject to registration.