Sustainability & Business and Business models

Market, stakeholders, customers, nature. A meeting for familiarising with these elements, which are fundamental for developing a business model

  • Date: 21 JULY 2021  from 10:00 to 13:00

  • Type: Business development

New business: we will be talking about strategic solutions for gaining a competitive advantage

The meeting is part of the PDAI-Programma di Accensione Imprenditoriale - Business Start-Up Programme 2021.

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Sustainability & Business

with Piero Gualandi

How to manage the needs of a sustainable business The market, stakeholders, customers and nature are all equally important, but how can we manage them in an economically viable project? We will be talking about the doubts and successes of a case study, with lessons and advice for people wishing to work on a sustainable business challenge!


Business model

with Laura Toschi

Customers, suppliers, value proposition and everything else you've always wanted to know about winning business models. In this meeting, we will become familiar with these elements, talking about how they work together to create a winning model.

Who it’s for

The meeting is open to students and winners and participants in the last edition of the StartUp Day.

How to apply

Free admission, subject to registration