Secondments Rules

PhD students, PostDoc, Experienced researcher, from any partner can participate to the mobility if:

  • they are members of the partner team for this project;
  • they have have been actively engaged in or linked to research and innovation activities for at least 6 months at the sending institution or a 'partner institution'.

All secondments will be covered by the budget specified in the GA. They:

  • will last at least 1 month (including travel periods) and no longer than 12 months;
  • in exceptional cases a secondment may be split into several stays as long as the sum of the duration of all splits is at least 1 month (30 days) and not longer than 12 months.
    In order to implement a splitted secondment, cofunded is necessary: you charge the first travel to other funding, and open the secondment before the first travel. Then you will be entitled to charge the second travel on the grant, and complete the secondment.

For every 30 days of secondment the project will provide:

  • 2000 euro to the seconded researcher;
    This part of the budget has to be mandatory used for refunding travel costs of the researcher (from EU or UBA) who has performed the visit.

  • 800 euro for research related costs of the sending institution;
    This part of the budget has to be used by the sending institution for the conferences planned on the project, for networking activities, and for general research related costs of the sending institution. In exceptional cases, can be used also for refunding the travelling researcher.

For every secondment the project will also provide

  • 700 euro for management costs faced by the sending institution,
  • 1000 euro for fees, or research related costs of the host institution.
    These last costs can cover fees imposed by the host non-EU institution. They can also cover travels of the members of the non-EU partner to the EU institution. In exceptional cases, if the invitation starts from the non-EU partner they can be used to cofund the travel of the EU researcher. Secondments will follow the same rules as before.