Invitation of a EU researcher by a non-EU partner

Members of a non-EU partner of the GHAIA project willing to invite a researcher from one of the EU GHAIA institutions with cofunding from the project need to agree with

  • the PI of their own institution;
  • the PI of the EU institution who will cofund the travel;
  • the researcher they intend to invite (please ensure that the EU researcher can participate to the mobility).


For every other EU institution, the US researcher willing to make an invitation should:


After signature, both forms should be submitted by e-mail to the PI of the EU institution.

The application will be handled by the PI of the EU institution taking into account the compatibility of the proposal with the scopes of the GHAIA project, the other application received, the amount of available funding, the planned activities in the project and the general rules for secondments.

If funded, the non-EU host will send a standard invitation to the EU researcher, mentioning the MSCA funded project GHAIA (ref: 777822).

The invited EU researcher will apply to his department following the instructions.

After the visit the non-EU host will certify the length of the performed visit, and can use the form Acknowledge of performed visit by non-EU partners.