Secondments of EU non academic researchers

Members of EU non academic partner of the GHAIA project can perform a secondment within the project if their position satisfies the rules of participation to a secondment. In particular they are allowed to visit academic (EU or non EU) partners.


The member of the staff willing to perform a secondment is invited to contact the PI of his own (non academic) institution, and agree on the secondment with the local coordinator. Then

  • he should contact the researcher in the host academic (EU or non EU) institution he would like to visit to agree on a research plan, and obtain a formal invitation letter
  • he should contact the PI of the host (academic) institution for approval and for getting help with visa
  • In case he travels outside Europe he should contract an health insurance.


Then EU non academic researcher can apply to the PI and to the director of his institution using

  • the application form (1), to commit himself to fullfill all the obligation of the project
  • short CV and planned research activity
  • invitation of the host
  • evidence that he has a health insurance (if needed)
  • the internal travel forms.


The competent office of the EU non academic partner will


After the visit

  • the host will certify the length of the performed visit, and can use the certification form (3);
  • the EU non academic researcher will report his activity using this template;
  • the EU non academic researcher will fill in all the internal forms for refund of his institution. Keeping plane tickets boarding passes is mandatory for certificate the travel.
  • the reseacher will fill in the questionnaires.
    Please note that
    • "Grant Agreement Number" is 777822
    • "Project acronym" is GHAIA
    • "Type of MSC Action" is RISE
    • "Scientific panel" is MAT - Mathematics