Secondments of researchers from UBA

The local coordinator in Buenos Aires, who has all the informations on the secondments from UBA, is Ursula Molter.

A member of UBA partner can perform a secondment within the project if his academic position satisfies the rules of participation of the project. In particular they are allowed to visit EU (academic or non academic) partners.

The researcher from UBA willing to perform a secondment has to FIRST contact Prof. Molter to agree on the secondment. Then:

  • For visit to UAM please refer to the detailed instructions and forms in the local UAM website.


For each secondment

  • he should contact the researcher in the EU host Institution to agree on a research plan, and obtain a formal invitation letter
  • he should contact the PI of the EU host organization
  • he should contract an health insurance.
  • he should contact the administrative office of the EU host (or check the web-page) in order to obtain the necessary travel forms, always keeping in cc the PI of the host EU Partner .


After the previous steps, the researcher from UBA can apply to the PI of the EU institution sending via e-mail the following documentation (and keeping Prof. Ursula Molter in cc)

  • the application form (1), to commit himself to fullfill all the obligation of the project
  • declaration of conformity (2) of his director of department
  • short CV and planned research activity
  • invitation of the host
  • evidence that he has a health insurance
  • internal forms of the EU host partner


The competent office of the EU host partner will contact the project coordinator Prof. Giovanna Citti or Lucia Vichi who will

  • upload the secondment on the participant portal


After the visit

  • the researcher will report his activity (report template);
  • the researcher will fill in all the internal forms for refund of his department. Keeping plane tickets boarding passes is mandatory for certificate the travel.
  • the researcher will fill in the questionnaires.