University of Yangon Team

The University of Yangon, which was founded in 1920, is the oldest university in Myanmar's modern education system, as well as the most renowned inside the country. Its main objective has always been to provide students with quality education and high levels of skills in many academic fields.  Indeed, the university has produced world-renown scientists and educators who have gained respect and prestige in many international organizations, not least in the various agencies of the United Nations Organization. The university is characterized by a very significant cultural and ethnic diversity, since the academic staff comes from various geographical and religious backgrounds. YU has 20 main departments, which offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs.  Many foreign Non-Governmental Organizations are cooperating with the various departments of the University through field expeditions and research projects. The University of Yangon, moreover, is currently focused on the enhancement of its international relations networks, through the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with foreign universities and higher education institutions, and is also a member of the ASEAN Universities' Network (AUN). 

OMAR KYAW, Chinlone Local Team. Dr. Omar Kyaw currently serves as Pro-Rector of the University of Yangon, where she is responsible for academic and research affairs. She graduated from the University of Yangon in Law in 1983 and then obtained a master degree in International Environmental Law from Iwate University, Japan, in 1997. In 2000, Dr. Omar Kyaw received her Ph.D in Marine Environmental Law from Hiroshima University, Japan. She has been involved in the field of higher education since 1986, initially as Tutor of the Department of Law of the University of Yangon, and then as Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, and Associate Professor. In 2005, Dr .Omar Kyaw became Professor at the Department of Law, University of Mandalay, and since 2000 she also acts as member of the Board of Examiner for the PhD Program in Law at the University of Yangon. She was promoted Pro-Rector at West Yangon University in 2009, and then moved to Yangon University of Distance Education from 2015 to 2016.

NILAR KYU, Chinlone Local Team. Dr. Nilar Kyu currently acts as Professor and Head of the Psychology Department at the University of Yangon.

MO MO THANT, Chinlone Local Team. Dr. Mo Mo Thant is Professor and Head of the History Department at the University of Yangon. She attained her MA Degree from Mandalay University in 1990, and a PhD from the University of Yangon in 2002. Her research interests mostly revolve around Social History, and in particular religion in Myanmar. Dr. Mo Mo Thant has conducted extensive researches on the social life of migrants oilfield workers in the Magwe region, and published numerous studies both inside Myanmar and internationally. She has also authored textbooks and references for primary and secondary level, as well as texts and study guides for distance education students on subjects such as Myanmar's Social History and History of the United States, and now serves as Chair of the History Curriculum Development Committee. In 2016, Dr. Mo Mo Thant was a research fellow at the Central European University, Department of Gender Studies.

SUU SUU YIN, Chinlone Local Team. Suu Suu Yin is a Lecturer at the English Department, at the University of Yangon, where she teaches in the MA English program and in the Diploma in English Language Teaching. With 16 years of teaching experience, Ms. Suu Suu Yin has gained extensive expertise in professional development programs for HE teachers and in content and language integrated learning, having also served as instructor in the courses “Upskilling Programs for Freshly Appointed Tutors of English”, “Classroom Management and Classroom Language”, and “Lesson Planning and Micro-teaching”.