WP1 - Identification of MM needs and priorities

CHINLONE Consortium is working now on WP1 - Identification of MM’s national and institutional needs and priorities. The primary goal in this preparatory WP is to gather all the relevant info and data on the present status of Myanmar’s HES, so as to acquire an accurate knowledge in terms of the latest transformations occurred, as well as regarding the national needs and priorities in such field.

1.1   Info-collecting on current status of HES in MM

CHINLONE Coordination team has conducted an extensive fieldwork in MM relying on quantitative and qualitative instruments such as questionnaires, follow-ups and interviews in situ with the aim of gathering all the relevant info and data.

1.2   Drafting of MM’s ‘Educational Map’

A comprehensive educational map of local universities, which will highlight key information (size, location, governance, faculty and students’ population, curricula, faculty, website and international partnerships) of the whole higher education apparatus.

1.3 Needs assessment on project’s target groups

The report “Myanmar Higher Education Reform: Which Way Forward?” can be downloaded or read online using the box on the right side of this page. The report has been built collecting the different voices, backgrounds, inputs, and exigencies of Myanmar University leaders (Rectors/Deans/Head of departments); Professors and Researchers; and Students.

1.4   WP outcomes shared with MM’s academic community and ext. stakeholders

Results of WP1 have been presented in two important occasions:

- at the first WP2 Conference (see Conferences page).

- at the conference "CHINLONE: POLICY SUGGESTIONS FOR MYANMAR NATIONAL EDUCATION REFORM" organized by the National Education Policy Commission (NEPC) on January 15th, 2019. See attendance list of attendances in the box.

The report has been shared with a number of stakeholders working in the field of education in Myanmar. See complete list in the box.