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WP 5 - Project's Results Dissemination

The overreaching goal of this WP is to maximize the spread and dissemination of the project’s results both within and beyond Myanmar, while building a lasting bridge between the country’s HEIs and the local civil society. As a consequence, a series of multidimensional activities will be undertaken throughout the whole project’s timeline in cooperation with the local partners and Myanmar’s national institutions, which will be fully involved in the efforts to propagate and promote the most relevant achievements of CHINLONE Project.

Following the outcomes reached:

5.1. Project’s website and social network profile

Since the beginning of the project, the CHINLONE’s website has been drafted, published and constantly updated as well as the project’s social networks profiles, in order to spread and promote all the activities involved.

To maximize the spread of the activities carried out by the Project Consortium, promotional materials have been created and distributed.

Please download CHINLONE promotional materials in the box on the right.

5.2. New institutional promotional Materials for MM Universities

CHINLONE Local Teams and Myanmar partner Universities are working to design and provide timely and efficient promotional material, as the primary step towards the framing of updated marketing strategies for local HEIs.

These kind of tools, in fact, represents a basic yet pressing need for the vast majority of MM’s universities, which have to retrieve the mindset and ability to present themselves both locally and internationally.

The brochures and promotional materials realized by the project team have been presented, evaluated, and tested during the WP2 Conference in Brussels. After this validation, the brochures are now been printed and distributed at international level and local level in Myanmar’s HEI, schools and cultural institutions.

Please download CHINLONE Myanmar Universities promotional materials in the box on the right.

Further activities designed to disseminate the project results will be developed during the whole duration of the project.

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