WP6 - Exploitation and Sustainability

In order to capitalize on the project’s achievements and to present them to a wider audience even beyond Myanmar, this WP devoted to exploitation and sustainability will be focused in engaging the international community of HE studies so to receive its feedbacks with respect to the project’s methodology and approach, while exploring the feasibility of future implementations of the ‘CHINLONE blueprint’ also to other developing countries on the verge of political transition.

To achieve these goals, the CHINLONE Consortium is starting to disseminate the Project’s plan and outcomes beyond Myanmar: 

6.2. Presentation of the CHINLONE’s model to international conferences

CHINLONE’s impact has been presented to the international conference "Asia-Pacific Association for International Education" (APAIE) in Kuala Lampur in March 2019.

See here the panel discussion:


See here the poster discussion:


See Consortium Partners’ presentations and poster at APAIE in the box on the right.

As part of the dissemination activities, the project was presented in the Coimbra Group newsletter on the occasion of the online seminar “Navigating the Evolution of Myanmar Higher Education: Reflections on the 2011-2021 Timeframe", held the 29th of April 2021. The article included a brief overview of the activities performed within the Chinlone framework and the main results accomplished during the years.

6.3 Creation of Alumni Association

The Chinlone Consortium and the Myanmar Partner Universities planned to organize an activity aimed to engage the student body, by reinforcing the already existing student networks and creating an Alumni Association. Due to the particular situation, initially because of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by the political disorders who invested the country, the activities unfortunately could not be carried out.