Uppsala University Team

Uppsala University was founded in 1477, making it the oldest university in the Nordic countries with a living cultural environment and a fantastic student life. It counts over 53,000 students and 6,500 employees. The University has a strong research focus, to which all nine faculties contribute within both pure research as well as within innovations. The internationalization policy of Uppsala University actively promotes an international perspective in all activities but strives to strengthen the connection between researchers, educators and students. Uppsala University is a member of several different international networks around the world, and it has also formed the 'U4 network' in 2008 along with Ghent University, The University of Göttingen, and The University of Groningen, which still stands as an innovative strategic partnership between the four universities. Additionally, the University is part of The Matariki Network of Universities, Coimbra Group, The Guild, as well as Sanord and The Baltic University Programme. As a result, at Uppsala University international collaborations and student exchanges are actively promoted and sustained: the International Office at UU has been the responsible division for the organization and implementation of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 and Erasmus+ KA2 projects since 2009, and, in total, the university acts as partner in 25 EMA2 projects, and also coordinates three EMA2 projects. 

ULRICA OULINE, Chinlone Local Team. Ulrica Ouline works at the International Office at Uppsala University, Sweden, where she is involved in the development and management of international projects in Asia and Africa under different frameworks such as Erasmus+ CBHE, Erasmus+ ICM and Erasmus Mundus. Ulrica has worked as UU´s project manager for different research projects in Asia (SACF, MIRAI). She also coordinated the Erasmus Mundus project LOTUS+. Ulrica holds a MA in Chinese, History and History of Religions as well as a MA in Education, both from Uppsala University.

GEIR GUNNLAUGSSON, Chinlone Local Team. Educational developer and coordinator of international contacts and activities at the Division for Quality Enhancement, Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University, Sweden. Geir holds degrees in English and in Business Studies, and has previously worked as a teacher and researcher at the Department of Business Studies in Uppsala. In his current role as educational developer Geir is responsible for teacher competence enhancement and curriculum development. This includes staff training in fields such as higher education teaching methodology and theory, in enhancing active student participation in teaching and learning activities  implementation and development of digital tools and e-learning in the various disciplines and in extensive consultancy, support and training for faculty and departmental educational leaders. Geir is engaged in a broad array of networks, collaborations and development projects both locally and internationally, including quality- and competence-enhancement programmes for universities within Uppsala university´s international networks such as the U4; in the Balkans, in Africa and in Asia via nationally or EU-funded programmes. He is also engaged in staff training and quality assurance for Swedish governmental agencies such as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and has an ongoing collaboration with the Swedish National Audit Office to support internal and partner training programmes and facilitators operating in, among others, Cambodia, Africa and Afghanistan.