Department of Higher Education - Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education (MoE) administers and supervises all Myanmar's educational institutions, through the implementation of short and long term education development plans to improve the quality, access, and diversity of higher education. Recently, the Ministry of Education drafted a 'Thirty Year Long-Term Education Development Plan' to improve the quality of education in Myanmar. Through the employment of new assessment techniques, the plan seeks to establish new curriculums and teaching methods to instill analytical thinking, creativity, and modern technological skills in students. Its Department of Higher Education (DHE) stands as one of the 11 departments of the Ministry of Education, and was firstly created in 1964 under the name of University Administration Office. In 1983, the name changed to Department of Higher Education, and in 1998 it was split into two departments, the Department of Higher Education (Upper Myanmar) and the Department of Higher Education (Lower Myanmar). In 2015, these two departments were merged into the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, which currently manages 132 different HEIs inside Myanmar. Its key mission is to reform and improve the standards of higher education institutions, especially in terms of administration and management. It is also involved in the spread of quality Assurance System within local university and in the promotion of regional and International standards.