• Point cloud, Cervia Vecchia excavation (Cervia, Italy), University of Bologna

  • Excavation at Cervia Vecchia (Cervia, Italy), University of Bologna

  • Zagonara Castle excavation (Lugo, Italy), University of Bologna

  • Gabii excavation (Rome, Italy), University of Michigan

  • Open day, Zagonara Castle excavation (Lugo, Italy)

The Bi.G.Ar. project

Advanced technology offers new pathways to archaeological research. The EU-funded BiGAr project will integrate Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Geographical Information System (GIS) to document the 4D nature of archaeological evidence and their traditional information. This methodology represents an innovation in archaeological research. It will permit a higher level of collaboration through the web and provide a new frontier for spatial analysis and management of the cultural landscape. The project will use the new digital application to manage the archaeological data collected in the fieldwork around two ancient capitals, Rome (Gabii Project) and Ravenna (Ravenna Landscape Archaeological Project).

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