Established in 1957, the University of Baghdad is the Iraqi main and first higher educational institute with a long history of teaching and research. Its well-diversified teaching offer includes a number of colleges and numerous specialized departments, institutions where over 60,000 students are trained every year. The College of Arts is one of the main bodies of the University of Baghdad. It is composed of eight departments: English Language, Arabic Language, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, History, Geography and Archaeology. International collaborations in research projects between the College of Art and EU (German) and Oriental (Japan) universities have been activated for many years. The Department of Archaeology has over 350 student enrolled in BA, MA and PhD courses which offer a wide range of teaching units on Islamic and Pre-Islamic period (Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian). The Department of History is one of the biggest within the College of Art, attracting almost 700 students. Its BA, MA and PhD include Ancient history, Islamic history, Modern  and Contemporary history. The University of Baghdad (UOB) will lead WP7-Dissemination and WP8-Exploitation as it is the seat of the main public institution as well as the most important university in the country. Moreover, having a privileged channel to maintain international relations, it has great expertise in organization and promotion of dissemination and exploitation activities. It will also participate in all the planned activities of the project, playing a relevant role in WP1 by contributing to the need analyses at both local and national level. The UOB staff will attend to all intensive courses in EU universities and to the administrative training in Baghdad (WP2). 

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NAWALA AHMED MAHMOUD AL-MUTAWALLI. Head of Department of Archaeology at University of Baghdad. She was formerly the Director General of the Iraqi National Museum (2000-2003), and director of Cuneiform Section in the same museum (1995-2000), and a Museums Specialist due to a very large experience in preserving cultural heritage for about three decades since 1977. She got her PhD in Archaeology in 1994. She membered several excavation expeditions in Hamrin Dam, Aqarquf, Ishan –Mazyad (1977-1985), and was the Director of the Iraqi Expedition team in Jokha (ancient Umma) in its first and second seasons in 1999-2000 and 2001-2002.  She is Member of Ancient Language community, Iraqi Scientific Center. She has published numerous articles, research papers and collaborated in authoring a few books. In addition, she participated in many local and international conferences.

MUNTHER ABDUL MALEK. Professor at the Department of Archaeology at University of Baghdad. In addition to teaching Cuneiform Studies to undergraduate and graduate students, he supervised several theses and dissertations on the same specialty. He obtained his PhD in Cuneiform Studies in 2004. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Adab Refereed Journal issued by the College of Arts, and was formerly the Head of the Department of Archaeology. He is member of several local and international societies, academic gatherings, agencies and projects concerned with archaeology and heritage.

LAYTH SHAKIR MAHMOUD RASHID. Professor at the Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad and obtained a PhD in Arab Christian in the seventh century at Baghdad University in 2001. Recently, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in English language of Baghdad. He has participated in many international academic conferences and is member of  several associations: Iraqi Association of Iraqi historians and archaeologists, the Arab Archaeologists of Cairo, the Arabs Union of archaeologists of Damascus, the Union of Assyrian Writers, Dhok-urdistan Iraq and the Iraqi-Japan Friendship Association. 

LAITH MAJEED HUSSEIN. Dr. Laith is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Archaeology, College of Arts of the University of Baghdad. After obtaining an MA degree from Baghdad University (1992) he also graduated at Marburg University (2006). Between 2006 and 2007 he was Head of Department Museum in the University of Baghdad, Department of Archaeology, College of Arts. In 2007 he was Research Fellow at the DFG (German Research Foundation) at the University of Heidelberg, working on the publication of the excavations of Tell Harmal (Iraq). Between 2009 and 2011 he was Research Fellow in Academy of Museology of the State Museum of Art and Cultural History, Oldenburg, Germany. Between 2011 and 2016 he was a lecturer at the University of Marburg (Germany). In 2013 he was Research Associate German Archaeological Institute (DAI). Since 1997 he also conducts archaeological fieldwork. He co-directed the archaeological excavations in Tell Harmal in association with the German Archaeological Institute (1997-1998) and since 2013 he co-directs the archaeological excavations at Bakr-Awa (Sulaimaniya, Northern Iraq) in association with the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology of the Heidelberg University. Since 1997 he takes part in national as well as international scientific congresses and conferences. He has published extensively on ancient Mesopotamian archaeology, culture, and society in national as well as international scientific journals. 

LAHAY DAMI HUSSEIN. Lahay Hussein is a Professor in Social Organization & Sociology of Women. She has worked in the Sociology Department, College of Arts, University of Baghdad since 1992. She received her Ph.D in Sociology at the University of Utah, 1991. She worked as a Visiting Professor in the Sociology Department, in the Human Sciences College at the University of Sulaimania, 2006. She worked as a Scholar-in-Residence (Fulbright) at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, spring, 2007. She spent three months as a research visitor at Vrije University, Amsterdam, the Netherland. She participated in a number of workshops and forums about Iraq since 2005. Her publications include The Impact of War & Development on Women in Iraq, 1967-1988; Sociological Traits in the Work of Selected Muslim Philosophers; Introduction to Sociology; Sociological Concepts and Idioms in English & Arabic; Ethnicity & Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives (translated book published by Alam Almaarifa in Kuwait); A History of Anthropological Theory (translated book published by Difaf in Beirut). She has published a number of articles on various aspects of gender issues in Islam and Iraq. Currently she is focusing on State of Sociology in Iraq.  

AYAID KHADEM ZGAIR. Dr. Zgair is Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, College of Science, Baghdad University. He also manages the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations at UoB. He is responsible for regulating relations with international universities and to develop mechanisms of cooperation and partnership and twinning with foreign universities and submits and follow-up programs that are managed by foreign institutions. Dr. Zgair published more than 49 scientific articles in different disciplines and he participated in more than 16 international conferences, in addition to local conferences. He also acts as a coordinator between the University of Baghdad and many foreign universities.