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FantiLab Bologna

The aim of our work is to coordinate, promote and share scientific research related to paleontology and the history of our planet with the general public. Through the study of fossils from all over the world and the rocks that contain them, we try to document the relationships between environmental changes and the evolution of species.

The research activity, documented by over 150 scientific publications, has led us to the most important fossil deposits in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Italy represents the most ambitious challenge for us and we are proud to represent the only existing reality on the national territory capable of providing excellence in every pillar of our profession. Every year we invest in international research campaigns involving researchers and students in field activities.

Research, Exploration, Training and Communication.
We want to guarantee continuity to our work, our ideas and our results.
We want to open new research, new excavation campaigns and new communication projects.
We want to remain a point of reference for the new generations.
We want to share with you how we plan to acheive it.

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