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About the Challenge

Increasing of urban population is leading to re-design and re-place centres of food production in order to make cities more sustainable and to foster the creation of new economies.

To boost this trend, the universities of Bologna and Florence organize the Student Challenge, UrbanFarm2019.

3 months of time to redesign 3 locations, having a look at the 3 spheres of sustainability.

Multidisciplinary student teams from the Faculties of Agriculture, Biology, Architecture, Design, Economics, Engineering and Social Sciences, are invited to join the challenge and design innovative urban agriculture systems that integrate the best architectural and technological innovations for food production in urban environments. Their projects will be based on existing vacant spaces in three Italian cities (Bologna, Belluno and Conegliano), characterized by different peculiarities. Their design should have a strong and entrepreneurial connotation, promoting the generation of new forms of employment for disadvantaged users. For more information download GuideBook

The competition is open to student teams from all over the world, and teams may comprise students from different universities and universities of applied sciences.



Coordinator International Student Challenge UrbanFarm2019

Chair, Division Landscape and Urban Horticulture (ISHS)

The grand finale

The Grand Finale will take place at the NovelFarm expo in Pordenone Exhibition center in Venice Area on February 13-14, 2019. The teams which will be selected by the jury will present their project via presentation.

NovelFarm is the event dedicated to the new growing systems: international conference & trade show for new growing systems, soilless and vertical farming.

Challenge tutor

Denisa Kratochvílová

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