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Conegliano - Zanussi Area

Zanussi Area

Zanussi Area, Conegliano (TV), Italy

Zanussi Area

The former “Area Zanussi” is located in the city centre of Conegliano (TV) between Pittoni street and Battisti street, covering an area of 165˙000 m². This place was born as a foundry in 1948, over the Zoppas family’s authority, making the industrial development of the city start. In the 1974 the industrial complex propriety was divided between Zoppas family and the new society, Zanussi. After ten years, with the evolution Zoppas-Zanussi to Electrolux group (in 1994 the only owner was Electrolux group) it began the transfer of the production out of the centre which ended in 2003. Nowadays this place is still dismissed, and years later there is an intense debate around the possible solution of the “black hole” of Conegliano. Several purposes of urban requalification have been taken into account, whose the best idea is to use the area for a urban agriculture project promoted by Bologna University International Challenge, UrbarFarm2019. 

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