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Belluno - Orzes School

Orzes School

Orzes School, Belluno (BL), Italy

Orzes School

In 1912 technical building authority of Orzes in Belluno designed a primary school, which was implemented in years 1920-1921. Between years 1981-1982, city made a complete makeover of the school. Only supporting building elements were preserved, while new piping systems (for water and electrivity), as well as roof, inner walls, floors, and windows, were replaced. Until 1992, the building hosted a primary school, but has been abandoned ever since. 

Our vision of project that could take place in this location is a vertical urban farm mostly for growing spices and herbs, which could be lately used in the local cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry. A small laboratory could be related to this system, where participants could dry plants, prepare extracts and package the products.

Orzes School Presentation

In the frame of Belluno, Stefania introduces us to one of the location of UrbanFarm2019.

TG Dolomiti Belluno reportage on Urbanfarm2019's first prize winner, Pinecube team, location: former primary school of Orzes, Belluno

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