Data Science and AI

Leadership in an evolving technological landscape

As technological progress continues, new ethical challenges arise and call for the implementation of democratic mechanisms. At Una Europa, we recognize the significance of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and have united our efforts to ensure that all Europeans can actively participate in the digital transformation. Our aim is to allocate adequate resources to AI and prioritize the EU's fundamental values within the AI landscape. While each partner university has been approaching this strategic area from different perspectives, the 1Europe project has provided us with the necessary funding to develop concrete joint innovative initiatives, including: - Joint MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) focusing on the societal impact of AI. - UNA Europa Lifelong Learning Certificate in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. This certificate will consist of flexible, blended/online short programs designed for professionals. It will be awarded with a micro-credential, which will be defined within the alliance. Establishment of the UNA Europa Chair in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing our commitment to advancing research and knowledge in this field. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to promote inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and the responsible implementation of AI technologies across Europe.