Students are the targets and participants of many Una Europa activities. In addition to this, they can also directly get involved in the Alliance through a variety of bodies. Working in the Local Task Forces, in the Student Board, in the General Task Force or as an Intern means being responsible for imagining, developing and implementing projects for all the Student Communities. 




At the central level, the highest student-led organ is the Student Board (SB). It is formed by two delegates from each Local Task Force representing the student community of their home university. The task of the SB is to bring the students’ perspective into all the activities of Una Europa, to create an école and to increase the engagement of students in the development of the alliance.

To get the most up-to-date information and the most recent news about the Student Board, please visit the official Una Europa website ( ).


In order to implement Una Europa-wide student-aimed projects, the Student Board makes use of another organ: the General Task Force (GTF). It is composed of members coming from the LTFs of the alliance, following a procedure ensuring that none of them is also a part of the SB. The junction points between the SB and the GTF are the Project Coordinators, two SB members whose role is to ensure that the implementation of the projects is, at all times, in line with the requirements and expectations of the SB. This organ is a borderless space, an open ground to inclusion and diversity.

In order for the GTF to develop several projects at the same time, its members organise themselves in Project Task Forces (PTFs), small groups of volunteers whose goal is to follow the implementation process of a single project.



The organ which is nearest to the student community of each partner university, is the Local Task Force (LTF). Each institution has its own LTF, composed by local student volunteers and whose aim is to locally manage events held under the name of Una Europa. Each Task Force has its own internal structure, which differs from university to university.

To know more about the internal structure of the Local Task Force of the University of Bologna (UniBo LTF), please visit the official webpage .



Interns play a paramount role in coordinating and ensuring the well-functioning of the Student Side of Una Europa Alliance. Their tasks include acting as a liaison between the SB and the Offices of Una Europa, supporting the SB, monitoring activities involving students and much else.