The Summer School of the BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE project

Join us for a unique summer school experience on bio-based plastics and circular bioeconomy from July 10th to 14th, 2023, in Bologna. You will learn about the latest developments in this field, including the production and processing of bio-based polymers, their properties and applications, as well as the potential of circular economy and innovative business models to reduce environmental impacts and maximize value creation.

You will have the opportunity to network with experts and guest speakers, visit innovative companies and plants, and engage in hands-on activities and projects with like-minded participants from around the world. You will leave the summer school with a deeper understanding of the potential of bio-based plastics to contribute to the new plastic economy. Furthermore, you will gain insightful knowledge of the interconnectedness of the different parts of the supply chain and how to promote circularity along value chains. Finally, you will have the chance to build connections and relationships that can last a lifetime.
The Summer School is tuition-free and insurance covered by the Horizon 2020 BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE | Grant agreement No. 860407, and an attendance certificate will be released.

So, if you are interested in sustainability and the future of plastics do not miss this opportunity, submit your application by April 30th, and get ready to enrich and broaden your knowledge and skills in the field.

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