Peer mentoring

Peer mentors are students who are assigned a set number of tutoring hours (usually 150) to be used up in an academic year.

Listen who has done it!

Tutors assigned to the Service for Students with Disabilities and SLD support university students with disabilities or specific learning disorders. In particular, they may, for example:

  • carry out support activities, such as help studying and with bibliographic research;
  • help prepare teaching material in an accessible format;
  • help students deal with administrative requirements;
  • accompany disabled students between different university facilities in order to allow them to follow lectures effectively.

 To obtain a tutoring assignment with the Service for Students with Disabilities and SLD, it is necessary to participate in an annual call for applications.

Students may participate if they are under the age of 30 and are regularly enrolled in the current academic year in a Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master Degree Programme or in the University of Bologna SPISA (Specialisation School for Public Administration Studies).

The places available may change from year to year.

The facilities from which it is possible to obtain a tutoring assignment are Bologna and the Campuses of Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini.

Throughout the year, the Service offers training opportunities which tutors will be required to take part in.

No specific professional expertise is required in order to obtain a tutoring assignment. However, the expertise you will gain will be useful for your professional training, as the aim is to develop a particular sensitivity on the subject of disability and SLD among the future professionals, from whatever field, who live through this experience.