For students

The Service addresses all students with disabilities (whether permanent or temporary), SLD, ADHD or other special educational needs related to learning disorders.

Summary of available services and how to access them
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The Service supports all students experiencing a disadvantage such as to make them unable to avail fully of the educational, relational and personal growth opportunities offered by the University due to a disability, a learning disorder, a congenital or acquired pathology, or a temporary injury.


The guiding principle underlying the Service is to guarantee equal study opportunities for all, promoting the greatest possible degree of participation and autonomy of each student.


To request specific services and to apply for adaptations to teaching activities, students need to provide the Service with the certification attesting to their disability under Italian Law 104/92, and/or legal disability or SLD diagnosis under Italian Law 170/2010, or any other specialised documentation attesting to a particular pathology or disorder. They will then need to attend an introductory meeting with a member of the Service staff in order to provide more information on their particular needs and identify relevant measures and aids.


The Service can also provide support in assessing the advisability of applying for disability certification under Law 104 or diagnosis of a specific learning disorder as an opportunity to protect the student's rights and as a means of applying compensatory measures guaranteeing equal access to higher education and equal opportunities towards obtaining a degree.