Extended deadline for the loss of student status

The University’s regulations stipulate that you have a limited period of time in which to finish your exams. After this term you lose your student status.

You can consult the Student Regulations for detailed rules relating to the loss of student status

To keep your student status, you simply have to record an exam (with any outcome, including rejected or refused). This will postpone the deadline by another eight academic years.

If this is not possible and you are a student:

 -with a legal disability rating of 66% or higher

 -covered by Italian Law 104/1992

 -diagnosed with a specific learning disorder (SLD)

 you can ask for a special deadline to be determined before you lose your student status, regardless of your year of enrolment.

 Fill in the application form (at the previous link) in its entirety, sign it and submit it to the Student Administration Office from a few months to at least one month before the loss-of-student-status deadline (February), so that the Board may assess your up-to-date career in relation to the end of your study programme.

 The request will be assessed by a special Committee and may involve an interview.