Exam adaptations

You can ask your teachers to adapt the way you take your exams in a manner allowing you to fully demonstrate your level of preparation.

You can only request such special measures after you have lodged your diagnosis/certification with the Service for Students with Disabilities and SLD and after holding an initial interview with a specialised member of staff.


What adaptations can I request?


You can request only  adaptations  consistent with your needs and with the characteristics of specific subjects, shared with our Service at the initial interview.

You can request different adaptations for different exams.

The use of further customised measures can also be assessed together with the Service.

Adaptations must then be agreed upon with the teachers. It will not always be possible to accommodate your requests as presented by you, but we will work with you and with the teacher to find the solution that best meets your needs, while taking into account all the variables related to the type of exam.

It is not possible to request reductions in the programme or exemptions from certain exams or parts of exams.

Please contact us if you have any doubts about which adaptations you can apply for.




As a rule, you can contact the teachers yourself and submit your exam adaptation requests in the manner specified during the meetings with the Service staff. Please remember to CC the Service in all email communications regarding such requests, so as to assure the teacher that you have submitted the appropriate documentation to us, that you are making a request consistent with your needs, and that you are being followed by the Service.

If you feel you need time to gain confidence and write to the teachers independently, or if we have assessed together that your situation is particularly unusual or delicate, we can help you by contacting the teachers for you

We will decide together how to proceed, after the initial interview.

You do not need to choose a single method for your entire university studies: we can assess the most appropriate method together, on a case-by-case basis.




Requests for adaptations should be submitted to the Service or teacher well in advance, at least 15 days before the exam date.

For requests submitted independently with a shorter notice period, we cannot guarantee that the exam adaptations will be granted, and the Service will not be able to support your request.

With regard to the timing of your request, please bear in mind that some adaptations are simple and can be adopted at a fortnight's notice, while others require the involvement of several people and therefore they need more time to be organised and implemented.

In the event of first-time measures, we will experiment the measure together.

If you have any doubts about the timing of your request, please feel free to contact the Service.