Adaptations to entrance exams

To request adaptations to the University of Bologna entrance exams, you need to follow all the procedures and steps indicated in the individual calls for applications relating to:

 Calls for applications have a section devoted to requests for adaptations. We recommend you follow the procedures and deadlines indicated very carefully.

Documents required

In order to request adaptations, one of the following documents must be submitted:

- Diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) pursuant to Italian Law 170/2010, prepared by the Italian National Health Service, a private centre accredited by the region of origin or a private specialist, accompanied by a declaration of conformity issued by the Italian National Health Service. The documentation must not be more than three years old or prepared after the age of 18 is reached; in view of the health emergency which has led to a reduction in the activities of National Health Service outpatient clinics, applications will be accepted from candidates with a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD), as per Italian Law no. 170/2010, confirmed by a certificate issued more than three years ago . The University reserves the right to subsequently request the integration of the documentation envisaged therein; 

- Documentation, issued by a specialist of the Italian national health service (SSN), attesting to another specific developmental disorder that affects learning;

- Certificate of handicap pursuant to Italian Law 104/92;

- Certificate of legal disability;

- Medical documentation, drawn up by a specialist, attesting to the presence of health conditions (physical and/or psychological) that could result in the candidate's inability, including temporarily, to study and conduct exams.

 The documentation must be clear and contain all the information necessary to understand the specific needs of the candidate.

Candidates with disabilities or SLD residing in foreign countries who intend to request adaptations must submit a legalised certification (or Apostille ) confirming their disability or SLD issued in their country of residence, accompanied by an official translation into Italian or English.

The University Bodies responsible for examining the above certificates will check that the foreign documentation confirms a specific learning disability or disorder recognised under Italian regulations.

Clarifications on the procedures for requesting adaptations may be obtained by contacting the Service for Students with Special Needs and SLD.

 Adaptations may comprise:

 - Extra time: +30% for candidates with SLD, other specific developmental disorders and pathologies; +50% for candidates with legal disability and/or handicaps pursuant to Italian Law 104.

 - Use of aids such as tools to help with reading texts, non-scientific calculator etc., or other instruments to be assessed case by case and based on the certification submitted.

 If the adaptation requested cannot be guaranteed for organisational reasons and/or due to mandatory instructions, an alternative of equivalent compensatory value will be found.