Adaptations for language proficiency tests or other tests at the University Language Centre

For language proficiency tests or other tests of language skills taken by students at the University Language Centre, it is possible to request certain adaptations:

- 50% additional time;

- reader and/or scribe;

- text to speech software or screen reader;

- sheets for notes (i.e. a blank sheet of paper on which to jot notes down while taking the test);

- exemption of audio parts of the test (e.g. listening comprehension for students with a severe hearing impairment);

- Other: you can request other adaptations connected with your specific disability or health condition.


You CANNOT request the use of vocabularies or concept maps.

Service staff members will assess the consistency of the request with the student's certified difficulties.

To request adaptations, you must have filed a disability or SLD certification with the Service before sending an e-mail request.

The request must be sent at least 15 days before the date of the exam, i.e. before the first day of the proficiency tests.

The date set by the University Language Centre for the adapted test may be different to the date set at the time of enrolling for the exam.

For information and clarifications, please contact the Service.