Departmental contact persons

Each department of the University of Bologna has a contact person for students with disabilities and learning disorders.

The role of the Contact Persons is to serve as a point of reference for students with special needs, being closer to and specifically informed of their particular situation, i.e. the degree programme and the physical and organisational facilities attended.
These contact persons can serve as an effective “bridge” between the students and other teachers in the Department, intercepting the special needs of certain students and referring them to our Service for appropriate support.
Below are the names of the current Contact Persons appointed by the Heads of Department:

Department: Architecture - DA
Contact person Bologna (L Design del prodotto industriale; LM Advanced Design): Valentina Gianfrate

Contact person Bologna (L Architettura-Ingegneria; LM Ingegneria Edile-Architettura) : Cecilia Mazzoli

Contact person Cesena: Andrea Ugolini

Department: Cultural Heritage – DBC
Contact person: Elisabetta Marchetti

Department: Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician” - CHIM
Contact person: Nelsi Zaccheroni

Department: Industrial Chemistry “Toso Montanari” - CHIMIND
Contact person: Giorgio Bencivenni

Department: of the Arts - DAR 
Contact person: Michele Caputo

Department: Pharmacy and Biotechnology - FaBiT
Contact person: Concettina Cappadone

Department: Classical Philology and Italian Studies - FICLIT
Contact person: (delegated to Equity, Inclusion and Diversity): Vanessa Pietrantonio

Department: Philosophy and Communication Studies - FILCOM
Contact person: Roberto Brigati

Department: Physics and Astronomy - DIFA
Contact person: Sara Valentinetti

Department: Computer Science and Engineering - DISI

Contact person: Silvia Mirri

Department: Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Material Engineering - DICAM
Contact person: Serena Bandini

Department: Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering “Guglielmo Marconi” - DEI
Contact person: Eleonora Franchi Scarselli

Department: Industrial Engineering - DIN
Contact person: Nicola Sancisi

Department: Interpreting and Translation - DIT
Contact person: Roberto Carnero

Department: Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures - LILEC
Contact person: Antonella Luporini

Department: Mathematics - MAT
Contact person: (delegated to Orientation and Disability) Andrea Maffia

Department: Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES
Contact person: Rocco Liguori

Department: Psychology - PSI
Contact person: Rabih Chattat

Department: Management - DiSA
Bologna contact person: Daniela Bolzani 
Rimini contact person: Francesco Maria Barbini

Department: Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences - BiGeA

Bologna contact person: Tiziana Guarnieri

Ravenna contact person: Chiara Samorì

Department: Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences - DIBINEM
Contact person: Rocco Liguori

Department: Education Studies 'Giovanni Maria Bertin' - EDU
Contact person for the LMCU “Primary Education Sciences” programme: Valeria Friso
Contact person for the other degree programmes at the Bologna and Rimini campuses: Luca Decembrotto

Department: Agricultural and Food Sciences - DISTAL
Bologna contact person: Elena Baraldi

Cesena contact person: Elena Babini 

Department: Economics - DSE
Bologna contact person: Nadia Burani
Rimini contact person: Francesco Maria Barbini

Department: Legal Studies - DSG
Contact person: Nicoletta Sarti

Department: Medical and Surgical Sciences - DIMEC
Contact person: Rocco Liguori

Department: Veterinary Medical Sciences - DIMEVET
Contact person: Fabiana Trombetti

Department: Life Quality Studies - QUVI
Contact person: Alessandro Bortolotti

Department: Political and Social Sciences - SPS
Contact person: Susanna Vezzadini

Department: Statistical Sciences “Paolo Fortunati” - STAT
Bologna contact person: Rossella Miglio
Rimini contact person: Maria Letizia Guerra

Department: Sociology and Business Law - SDE
Contact person: Francesca Mantovani

Department: History and Cultures - DiSCi
Contact person: Cristiana Natali