People before, around and beyond Pyrolysis

Daniele Fabbri

Daniele Fabbri

Associate Professor

Main Research interests:

Analytical and applied pyrolysis in the development of chemicals and fuels from biomass.

Py-GC-MS and GC-MS in the characterisation of bio-oils from microalgae, biochar from biomass wastes.

Determination of pyrolysis products in the environment.

Development of new analytical methods for environmental and industrial application.

Biomass and Biofuels.

Cristian Torri

Cristian Torri

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)



Main Research interests:

Analytical pyrolysis applied to environmental and industrial research.

Design of new sustainable processes for waste biomass  valorization.

Anaerobic digestion.

Synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from waste susbstrates.


Other Research interests:

Green chemistry.

Environmental Robotics.

Chemistry of naturally occurring substances and composites.

Alessandro Girolamo Rombolà

Alessandro Girolamo Rombolà

Post-doctoral fellow

Main Research interests

Elemental and molecular characterisation of pyrolysis fractions (bio-oil, biochar, syn-gas).

Quantitative analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs in biochar, carbonaceous materials and soil.

Quantification and evolution of organic carbon in soils in relation to biochar application.

Development of analytical procedures for chemical characterisation of biochar and carbonaceous materials.

Analytical pyrolysis applied to chemical characterisation of environmental samples.


Other Research interests

The influence of various pyrolysis parameters on the content of PAH in biochar and to identify suitable post-pyrolysis measures to yield minimum residual concentrations and bioavailable fractions of these contaminants.

Phytotoxicity assay for assessing biochar quality

Micro- and macro-plastics characterisation (polymer types and additives) in environmental samples.

Development of analytical procedures for the characterisation of organic pollutants in environmental samples.

Development of analytical procedures based on chromatography and mass spectrometry for the characterisation of organic materials and their degradation products in works of art and archaeological objects.

Andrea Facchin

PhD student

Yusuf Küçükaga

Yusuf Küçükaga

PhD student

Research Interests: 

  • Conversion of Biomass into Green Chemicals by Biorefinery Concept
  • New Strategies for Hybrid Thermochemical-Biological Biorefinery Systems
  • Inclusive Bio-utilization of Pyrolysis Products by Acidogenic Fermentation 
  • Bioplastic (PHA) Production from Waste Materials
  • Biofilm Based Landfill Bioreactor Technology for In-situ Treatment of Leachate Wastewater
  • Biomethanation Strategies of Organic Waste Streams
Irene Coralli

Irene Coralli

phD student

 Main research interests

  • Development of analytical protocols for identification and quantification of plastic pollution in the environment.
  • Determination of polysiloxanes in environmental matrix by analytical pyrolysis: evaluation of the Py-GC-MS system for the determination of silicones containing PEG units in complex matrices


Beatrice Rizzi

Beatrice Rizzi

Research Fellow

Principali interessi di Ricerca:

  • Green soil bioremediation strategies for better water, fertilizer and pesticide management.
  • Chemical characterization of soils treated with biochar and activated substrates.

Vittoria Stefanelli

Graduated Fellow