Seminar on violence against women (Lab 3)

The seminar "Male violence against women" aims to deep issues related to the phenomenon of gender violence through meetings aimed at widening thematic and methodological horizons thanks to the presence of internal and external scholars and experts of the University of Bologna, and through collective discussions aimed at highlighting the complexity of the phenomenon. The lawyer Maria (Milli) Virgilio collaborates in the scientific coordination.



10 October 2019
Annarita Angelini, Chiara Gius e Pina Lalli
Introduction to the Seminar and to the study of gender stereotypes.

17 October 2019
Annalisa Verza - sociology of law
Aggressions against women: from the web to the physical world

24 October 2019
Milli Virgilio – criminal law
Language and legal categories of male violence against women.

31 October 2019
Saveria Capecchi - gender media studies
Campaigns against violence against women: trends and changes
Anna Pramstrahler - Casa delle donne per non subire violenza
Policies to fight violence, field experience and presentation of the "Festival della Violenza Illustrata".

7 November 2019
Chiara Gius e Pina Lalli – sociology of communication
The narrative of the femicide in the crime story.

14 November 2019
Alessandra Dino e Gaetano Gucciardo - sociology of deviance
Process feminicides: numbers and hypotheses for judicial judgments.

21 November 2019
Susi Pelotti - legal and forensic medicine
The medical forensic approach to violence against women.

28 November 2019
Emanuela Fronza - criminal law
Rape and international crimes.

5 December 2019
Fiorella Giusberti psychology
The "treatment" of emotions and legal psychology.

12 December 2019
Pina Lalli e Maria (Milli) Virgilio 
Conclusions and debate.