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Istanbul Convention -  Council of Europe

Adopted in May 2011, gone into effect on August 2014, it is one of the two international treaties (together with the Convention of Belem do Parà) facing the elimination of all the forms of violence against women. It founds particularly on an approach to 4 Ps:

- Prevention of all the forms of violence against women
- Protection against all the forms of violence against women
- Persecution of all those people that is accused to have committed actions of violence against women
- Integrated politics of intervention 

Full text of the Convention 



Belém do Parà Convention - Organization of American States

Gone into effect on March 5th 1995, it has been the first binding international treaty to recognize that the violence against the women constitutes a violation of human rights and to include for the adherent states the obligation to estabilish measures to fight it.

Full text of the Convention 

United Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women - ONU

Adopted in 1979 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, with a preamble of 30 articles, it defines what we intend for discrimination against the women and it furnishes indications on how every nation must get organized for preventing other forms of violence.

Full text of the Convention 

Manifesto of Venezia - Manifesto of the journalists for the respect and the gender equity in the information 
Introduced in November 25th 2017, the Manifesto of Venice is born from a collaboration among Committee of Equal Opportunities of the FNSI, Cpo Usigrai and Julia Giornaliste. It's a group of guidelines for a careful, correct and aware information about the gender based violence and its cultural, social and juridical implications.

Full text of the Manifesto


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