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Articoli in riviste scientifiche

Manufatti archeologici

Studi analitici sulle produzione vetrarie antiche


Vandini, M., Fiorentino, S. (2020). From Crystals to Color. A compendium of multi-analytical data on mineralogical phases in opaque colored mosaic glass tesserae. Minerals, 10: 609 - 654. DOI:

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Edilizia Storica e Apparati Decorativi

Studi analitici di supporto ad invertenti di restauro

Fiorillo, F., Fiorentino, S., Montanari, M., Roversi Monaco, C., Del Bianco, A., Vandini, M. 2020. Learning from the past, intervening in the present: the role of conservation science in the challenging restoration of the wall painting Marriage at Cana by Luca Longhi (Ravenna, Italy). Heritage Science 8,10,

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Fiorentino, S., Grillini, G.C., Vandini, M. 2015. The National Monument to Francesco Baracca in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna, Italy): Materials, techniques and conservation aspects. Case Studies in Construction Materials 3: 19-32,


Studi vari sul Patrimonio Culturale

Coppola, F., Fiorillo, F., Modelli, A., Montanari, M., Vandini, M. (2018). Effects of γ-ray treatment on paper. Polymer degradation and stability, 50: 25 - 30