Round Table 1 - Challenges on the recovery of CRM from tailings

INCO-Piles round table with 69 experts from more than 23 countries successfully done!
Hot discussions in sampling, characterization, excavating, processing, environmental and circular economy panels, and hard talks even in chat!

Thanks to all of you who attended our first INCO-Piles piles round table! It was an interesting day full of discussions about the challenges on the recovery of Critical Raw Materials from mine wastes with the global experts on the field.
We had remarkable keynote speakers and hosted 3 different panels about:
A: challenges in sampling and characterisation
B: challenges in processing and extraction
C: economic and environmental challenges

The main take-away messages:
Education: we need new skills to increase Social License to Operate and remove legal barriers.
Economy: we must consider the benefits of economic evaluations vs reduction of environmental impacts.
RIS area: we must move from artisanal towards a highly-skilled approach and increase knowledge transfer.

Round Table 1 | Challenges on the recovery of CRM from tailings

Location | Bologna, Italy

Date | 11th December 2020

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