Project Structure

Project structure

INCO-Piles 2020 Project falls in the category Matchmaking & Networking Regional Innovation Schemes.

It is divided into six Work Packages (WPs)

WP1 is dedicated to Project Management, with the organization of four Project Meetings, realization of technical and financial reports and management of intellectual property.

WP2 is focused on the organization of two Round Tables, with invitation of international experts. Findings are used to improve the performance of WP4.

WP3, WP4 and WP5 are the technical Work Packages: WP3 deals with the review of techniques and technologies and on the selection of case study; the results feed WP4. WP4 is dedicated to the activities on the selected case study for performing a pre-feasibility study on potential recovery of critical raw materials (CRM) from stocpiles/tailings. Finally, WP5 addresses the environmental and market analysis, needful for a successful recovery of CRMs. WP4 and WP5 are complementary..

WP6 includes all communication and dissemination activities, performed in close contact with EIT Raw Materials Innovation Hub South. Communication and dissemination tools are: the project website, publications, participation to conferences and the final workshop at Project end.