Seminars and Lectures


Metals grade mapping: application to mining residues (tailings and stockpiles)

Lecturer:  PhD Sara Kasmaee

Mining Engineer, expert in geostatistical applications

Keywords: Bauxite residues, Geostatistical appraoches, Metals variability, Copernicus data

Short summary:The seminar presented the importance of mining residues in the raw materials sector: why do we need to re-consider the remained mining residues and what is the main necessity of reconsidering them; the main difference between mining stockpiles and tailings; the  concept of metals characterization presented and possible methods to calculate the volume and tonnage of a mining residues; the methodology presented within a real case-study (the Bauxite residues from Greece) showing the theory and the practical steps of metals characterizations. Using the satellite data (Copernicus data) was highlighted and the importance of using remote sensing approaches in raw materials sector was demonstrated within the lecture.

EIT Master Course: Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability - RAMES