Mining stockpiles/tailings are strategic to recover Critical Raw Materials (CRMs), however technological gaps still exist.

INCO-Piles 2020 aims to define best practices for CRMs recovery; moreover, the Project promotes technologies transfer by organizing dedicated Round Tables with invitation of International experts.

The target is to select game-changing techniques in minerals retreatment from stockpiles to be applied to at least one case study in East and South East Europe and the Mediterannean, two areas of strategic importance for EIT RawMaterials Network. The techniques must consider also environmental and market issues, which will be assessed.


Regional Innovation Scheme: RIS

Project Objectives

Project Structure

Project Title: International Consortium to recover CRMs from stockpiles/tailings targeting RIS

Acronym: INCO-Piles 2020

Duration: 24 months

Project Agreement n.: 19169

Segment: Matchmaking & Networking Regional Innovation Schemes

Strategic Objective: Securing Raw Material Supply