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CO2 Reduction for Transportation Systems Conference

SAE CO2 Reduction for Transportation Systems Conference - the work "A hybrid vehicle Hardware-in-the-Loop system with integrated connectivity and cloud computing" will be presented.

09 JULY 2020


dalle 17:00 alle 18:00 - Digital


Renewable Energy Vectors in Transportation

Keynote speech Christof Schernus (FEV / EARPA President) about RenewableEnergy Vectors in Transportation. Christof Schernus is Vice President Business Development Research and Innovation at FEV Europe GmbH responsible for the development of collaborative research projects in the European scene. In 2015, he took the responsibility of coordinating FEV’s internal and collaborative research and innovation projects in Europe and represents FEV in FVV and in the European Associations ERTRAC, EGVIA, and EARPA. Since 2019, he represents EARPA as chairman of the organisation.

A hybrid vehicle HiL system with integrated connectivity and cloud computing

Keynote speech Lorenzo Brunelli (UniBo) about an innovative connected platform for eHorizon functions validation. Lorenzo Brunelli is a Ph.D. student at the University of Bologna. He graduated from the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Thesis on a Virtual validation platform for eHorizon predictive functions in collaboration with FEV Italy. After a year as a Research Fellow, he has started the Ph.D. in Automotive for a Sustainable Mobility with a research project focused on Testing and Validation of Predictive Functions. The research is done at the Green Mobility Research Lab, a joint laboratory between FEV Italy and the University of Bologna.