• The carbon that is so essential to life and modern society is available to us only with the permission of the deep Earth (Manning, 2014)

Deep Carbon Lab in short

The Deep Carbon Lab aims at investigating and quantifying natural processes of transformation, mobility, and storage of deep carbon as recorded by rock-forming minerals and fluids. The research activity necessarily extends to carbon-free minerals and other key volatile cycles such as hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur, as tracers of deep carbon processes. The name "Deep Carbon Lab" also pays tribute to the Deep Carbon Observatory (deepcarbon.net) and its legacy.

ERC Consolidator Grant DeepSeep

The ERC Consolidator Grant "DeepSeep" has officially started on June 1st, 2021. The project aims at investigating the genesis of deep hydrogen and abiotic methane through the process of high-pressure serpentinization in subduction zones. "By bridging the two most striking peculiarities of Earth, subduction and life, DeepSeep has the potential for transformative discoveries, with long-term implications for global C cycle modeling, climatology, and the emergence and search for life on Earth and beyond."

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First facility just installed: NewTec Scientific "Cathodyne" optical cathodoluminescence: carbonate zonations as markers of deep carbon processes

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