• The CE 1248 Mont Granier landslide (France), LiDAR DTM (©WasteLands)

  • Dobratsch massif (Austria), seismic induced landslides (CE 1348 Carinthia and Friuli earthquake) (©WasteLands)

  • The Biesbosch Museum (Netherlands) in the area affected by the CE 1421 megaflood (© Biesbosch Museum)

Waste lands? New perspectives on the archaeology of post-disaster recovery in medieval Europe

The WasteLands? project explores the aftermath of medieval disasters in Europe from an archaeological perspective addressing three iconic disasters across Europe: the Mont Granier megalandslide, 1248 (France); the Carinthia and Friuli earthquake, 1348 (Austria, Italy and Slovenia); the St Elizabeth’s megaflood, 1421 (Netherlands). WasteLands? will be developed in the DISCI Department of Bologna University and the Department of Anthropology of Northwestern University (USA).Two project secondments will take place at the Biesbosch Museum, Netherlands, and at the INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia), Bologna, Italy.

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