• What it is

    Designs and builds new electronic boards for the boat

  • Who it’s for

    Automation/Electrical Engineering

Once you enter the team, your commitment will be important: you will dedicate one year to the project, working in close contact with the other members of your division.

It will be a year full of alignment meetings among divisions, studying and researching to design and build the boat components that you were assigned: every member’s activity will be needed towards the realization of the catamaran.

Main tasks:

  • HW Design of  PCBs with Eagle
  • SW Development of STM32 microcontroller
  • Soldering, testing and maintenance of electric boards


Next year projects:

  • Bring the DC Bus from 48V to 96V
  • Design of new BMS with insulation
  • Design of a new Fuel Cell’s DCDC


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